Seashore Carvings

Inspired by the Ocean
Bob Bohannon - artist/carver
My business name is my inspiration: the life and energy in and around the ocean. I'm often asked about the steps I go through from start-to-finish. It's a multi-step process and time-intensive.


I start by sketching the design in its size and proportions. I've found that anything I can sketch, I can carve. I then select the wood species - reclaiming whenever possible from the sawmills and lumberyards I purchase from - and in the preferred size. 

Since I like carving in 3-D, the depth of the wood can be from 2 inches to 8-10 inches. I use a few hand and power tools and a unique small circular chainsaw. I then apply up to 9 acrylic and 5 stain colors with my 'water-fusing' and 'torch-painting' techniques. These result in every piece having the appearance of double and triple the number of colors when seen from different angles - like the way sunlight splits into many colors when passing through a prism. I apply a special marine-grade finish that highlights each carving detail while providing maximum moisture and UV protection for outdoor or indoor display.