PSA Custom Creations

Pat Andrews

​I am a retired Army Engineer Diver that now works in Fredericksburg, VA. I tend to jump around from media to media as well as styles and types of art work. I think this helps me to keep the creative juices flowing so I do not become bored or discouraged. I always seem to have more ideas than time to make them. Please stop by often since you never know what I may come up with next.

In addition to selling on Etsy, I sell my items at the "Artful Dimensions" gallery in Fredericksburg, VA. and at local and regional arts and craft shows. If you have seen something you like and the listing disappeared, that is the reason why. Just contact me and I can probably make another.

My work has won a variety of awards at local and regional art shows. You can see some of those awards on my website listed below. I was also extremely lucky to appear twice on the television show "Junkyard Wars".