Kate Loomis Handcrafted Jewelry
Kate Loomis

Inspired by the land and sea.

I am recharged by nature and creativity. Consequently, my one-of-a-kind, artisan jewelry is inspired from elements from the land and sea, and adorned with hand-selected stones from specific locales. The result? Creative, artisan jewelry that is more than a hand-crafted object; every one has a story.

Metal Clay Jewelry Artisan, Virginia

Originally from Richmond, VA, as a girl, my artistic endeavors consisted of primarily pencil and acrylics. I set aside my creativity for many years, to pursue a degree in Biology, and a career in Quality Engineering. Although that path taught me valuable lessons in setting and assuring quality craftsmanship, I was generally unfilled creatively.

In 2014, I began taking classes at the Richmond Visual Arts Center. In my working with metal clay, I found my passion and my creative spirit. Continuing my studies under nationally recognized metal clay artists, like Lora Hart, Terry Kovalcik and others, a passion grew to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that tied together my love of nature and travel. Every one has a story. Which Signature Collection piece might fit your story?