2021 Exhibitor Application

Countdown to the AUGUST 2021 Festival:








Join Us!

August 14, 2021
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

August 15, 2021:
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Looking forward to 2021 and the containment of the Corona Virus; we have planned our Festival to take place on August 14 and 15. It will be located on the beautiful historic grounds of the Spotsylvania Courthouse where there will be more than enough space for social distancing, as we are expanding onto the adjacent lawns of the new Courthouse. We will, of course, follow the current guidelines regarding the safety and well-being of our Exhibitors and Shoppers. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS as you don’t want to miss these events.

2021 Festival Schedule


Friday, August 13, 2021: 9 A.M – 7 P.M,
Saturday, August 14, 2021: Before 10 A.M. (Must be coordinated with Festival Staff)

Set Up (the number of your booth space and instructions for setup/unloading/loading will be sent prior to the Festival).
Please stop by the Welcome Tent to pick up your packet and to let us know you have arrived.

August 14, 2021.
Saturday 10 A.M. – 6 P.M.

Spotsy Arts Festival hours.

August 14, 2021.
Saturday 6:30 P.M.

Reception/Awards Ceremony (location to be announced).

August 15, 2021.
Sunday 11 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Spotsy Arts Festival hours.

August 15, 2021.
Sunday 4 P.M – Undetermined

Take down.

Exhibitor Categories

If you work in more than one medium, a separate application must be submitted for each medium.

If you have any questions, or need more information, please email SAF@SpotsyArtsFestival.com or call 703-887-2878.

Bath and Body

Homemade bath and body products.


Homemade candles.

Ceramics & Glass

Functional and sculptural work is accepted. Kiln forming, blowing, molding or casting, as well as all cold working processes are permitted.

Digital Art

Two-dimensional work created by the artist using computer technologies.


All work created from fibrous materials, such as baskets, leather, books, embroidery, paper, quilts, weavings, felting, etc.; both wearable and non-wearable.

Fine Arts / Graphics

All pieces of art created with the use of chalk, charcoal, pastels, papers, pencils and ink, watercolors, oil, alcohol inks and acrylic paintings.


Original, handmade furniture designed and fabricated using raw/unfinished material.

Gourmet Food Products

Packaged dips, food, or desserts.


Objects created with the intent to be worn as ornamentation by fabricating various materials including gems, fine metals and semi-precious stones.


Three-dimensional artwork created by the artist through the forging, twisting and fabricating of various metals.

Mixed Media

Work in which two or more mediums are combined to form one piece.


Photography, both digital and film, that has not been manipulated to achieve results beyond what could be produced in a traditional dark room.


Homemade toys.


All work created by the artist that is hand-tooled, machine-worked, built-up, turned or carved in wood.


If you feel as though your product does not fit into the above categories, please select miscellaneous and give a detailed description of what you are looking to sell.

August 2021 Application Deadlines:

December 1, 2020.

10’ x 10’ Space (Artist/Artisan)

February 1, 2021.

10’ x 10’ Space (Artist/Artisan)

After February 1, 2021.

10’ x 10’ Space (Artist/Artisan)

Exhibitor Prizes

On the application form please choose whether or not your want to participate in the Judging. The winners will be selected by the FESTIVAL’s JURY COMMITTEE.

First Place/Award of Excellence.

August 2021 Festival, Only.

Second Place.

August 2021 Festival, Only.

Honorable Mention.

August 2021 Festival, Only.

Judge’s Choice.

August 2021 Festival, Only.

Exhibitor Payment Options


If you are paying by credit or debit card, please check the indicated box in the application form.

When your application is received, you will receive an invoice requesting payment including directions on how to pay with your Credit/Debit Card using PayPal.


Please include your check with your application.  Make the check payable to JART, Inc.,

Mail your check to:
Spotsy Arts Festival
PO Box 274
Montross, VA 22520

Festival Exhibitor
Rules and Waivers

General Rules and Waivers. MUST READ.

This event is held RAIN OR SHINE.

Displays must be self-contained.  Exhibitors are responsible for their own display as well as water and electricity, if needed.

Tents, tables and chairs are NOT provided.Generators, if used, must be quiet and its cords may not cross streets or walkways.

Tents must fit a 10×10-foot space.  Canopy tents are suggested, can be any color and should be weighted on all corners.  The tents need to be made of fire-retardant Fabric.  

Only artists accepted in to the Spotsy Arts Festival are permitted to participate.  Subletting, selling or giving space to anyone is not permitted.

All work and displays must stay within your designated spot. No boxes, extra merchandise or debris should be visible. The assigned area must be kept clean throughout the event and be left spotless afterwards.

No soliciting merchandise or services.

Exhibitors must participate both days for the full duration of the show, unless prior approval is granted. Full duration of the show means from 10 – 6:00 on Saturday and from 11 – 5:00 on Sunday.

Amplified music is not permitted, except for entertainment contracted by the Festival Director.

Photographs will be taken during the Festival.  It is understood these photographs can or will be used in future advertising and promotions.

Each Exhibitor must have their own insurance.

All local laws must be followed. 

Exhibitors must agree to be responsible for the collection of Virginia State Sales Tax.

Exhibitors must assume all of the risks in participating in the Spotsy Arts Festival, which includes JART, Inc. and Spotsylvania County, as an Exhibitor, Vendor, Performer or Volunteer and any and all associated activities including but not limited to — Waive, Release, Discharge, Indemnify and Hold Harmless from any and all liability JART, Inc. Spotsylvania County and any of their employees, directors, consultants, Members of the Board, volunteers, representatives, agents, assign successors, contractors, suppliers, exhibitors, vendors, event sponsors regarding any and all claims that my participation could give rise to any claim or otherwise cause liability.

Exhibitor Categories Rules and Waivers. MUST READ.

Each Exhibitor may only sell one medium per booth space without authorization from the Spotsy Arts Festival (SAF) Coordinator or Committee.  

SAF reserves the right to re-categorize an artist’s submission and the artist will be notified of any changes.

All items for sale in exhibitor’s booth must be handcrafted.

Any person exhibiting manufactured items in this area will be REMOVED ON THE SPOT.

Exhibitor fee is non-refundable.

Registration Rules and Waivers. MUST READ.




Award / Prizes Rules

Previous winners of the Award of Excellence cannot win the Award of Excellence again for five years; however, they are eligible for any other award.

The Judges have the option of not awarding a prize in any of the festival exhibitor categories.

The winners will be selected by the FESTIVAL’s JURY COMMITTEE, and the decision of the Jury is final.

Payments, Refunds, Fees. MUST READ.

Checks will be deposited upon receipt.

Please note that a deposited check does not equal acceptance into the show. 

A $35 fee will be charged each time a check is returned for insufficient funds.

Booth fee payments will be returned in full less a $50 processing fee if you are not accepted into the show.

Exhibitor Application Form: