The Here and Now

I’m sitting here looking at the leaves fall and thinking about Fall Art Festivals.  In past years I would have been traveling to many art festivals up and down the East Coast talking to potential Exhibitors and inviting them to apply to our Festival.  I think this has been one of the reasons the Spotsy Arts Festival has been so successful and why the quality of our Exhibitors makes us a 5-star Festival.  However, as it isn’t safe for us to do this now because of COVID we are reaching out to potential Exhibitors. We are using email, advertising and personal reference to get the word out.  It is our aim to maintain the quality of our Festival as a Fine Arts Festival.

The Who, What and Why

The Good News is that our advertising efforts are paying off as we are getting phone calls and applications.  We are extremely excited as we know we will continue our history of excellence into future years as our reputation continues to grow.  It is our aim to make this one of the best art festivals in the mid-Atlantic Region and beyond.

Breaking News

We will continue our little teaser here about the possibility of another Art Festival being scheduled in 2022 and hope to make the announcement early next year.

Shout Out

Today’s Shout Out has to go to Yuwei Chen who is helping us with office work.  She helped us last year with set up/take down and was one of those who did the Face Painting at the Festival.  She is invaluable to us.  Thank you Yuwei.

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