Bart Levy

I’m Bart Levy and I paint moments of Zen for your home and office. My paintings provide moments of escape for the crazy-busy professional. Quiet landscapes. Cheerful flowers. Water with reflections of the sky.

I’ve been there, done that

After many years in the corporate world and as a business owner, I stepped back. Way back, as it happened, to my education as an artist. I recently studied with renowned artists Christaphora Robeers, David Tanner and Robin Caspari to help scrape the rust off my skills.

“Inspiration is for amateurs,” according to Chuck Close. So everyday I’m in the studio painting, thinking, pushing myself and yet always keeping in mind that there’s enough in the world to jangle your nerves. A calm painting can be a refuge, even if only for a few minutes, where you can take a breath and then, carry on.