2019 Award Winners

Award of Excellence – Sea Drift Sculptures

This work definitely has the wow factor. From the moment you observe the overall collection of visions that only Bernie sees, to start with, to the stunning finished painted sculptures. You can go on the journey with him with an explanation or just marvel your way thru with awe. Each piece has a degree of artistry that only one with passion for every detail of expression, shape, color and poetry of motion could execute in a three dimensional form. His true joy of working in this medium is to be admired as he draws you in with his reason for a particular piece. Bernie is a very noteworthy and contemporary artist.

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Best In Show—Sugar Grove Studios

It is such a pleasure to see a contemporary jeweler so sure of her designs and with such an ability to place and match the perfect stones precious or semiprecious with the perfect complimentary design. Maybe the stones come first and the air around them is filled with magical metals. All her works stand by themselves as exquisite finished pieces but together they are an orchestra of beauty.

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Honorable Mention—Muddy Creek Pottery

The first feeling I had was, of beautiful color these exquisite formed pieces all have. With no explanation, I was wowed but then I learned of the process and the huge wood ash oven that takes days to fire and even longer to cool. I am in awe of the skill of perfect design simplicity resulting in the raw and simple beauty of the earthen color and shapes. Museum quality pieces.

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